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Services available from A Sillett tree surgeon

As a qualified tree surgeon I provide a range of services and techniques to deal with your tree and hedge problems.

These are just some of the more common techniques used by myself and my qualified staff. Every job has its own unique requirements, all of which are discussed and arranged within my on site quotation.

Sometimes just annual tree and hedge trimming are required to keep a healthy and maintained garden. These services are individually approached and tailored to needs of my customers.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about other tree surgery services please contact me or take a look at the FAQ page.


Crown Reduction

Usually applies when a customer wants to keep their tree for the long term but it has become a problem due to the tree in question simply growing too big for its environment. For example the canopy of the tree overgrowing onto a building, neighbours property or public highway.

I usually recommend a reduction of the whole canopy by no more than a third but sometimes more, depending on how impending the problem has become. All branches are delicately pruned and lowered using ropes where necessary over buildings and utility lines.

Crown Thinning / Deadwooding

This is normally carried out upon a mature tree in which the client is happy with the size and shape of the specimen but feels it need a 'thin through' of the canopy. This involves a tree climber cutting and removing secondary, rubbing or crossing and dead or dangerous branches from inside the tree. This process allows the wind to pass through the crown with less disturbance and a reduced risk of branch failure.

Deadwooding is also necessary if the tree is in a public area and there is risk of falling branches. The removal of rubbing or crossing branches always decreases the chance of disease occurring within the crown of the tree. This is always recommended when the overall shape does not want to be altered, just a bit of sensible care for the tree's future in years to come.

Crown Raising

Simply put we raise the height of the lower canopy of the tree where necessary.

Sometimes the height of the tree can be fine but the lower branches have started to become impractical when the branches have started to impend upon roofs, into the guttering or simply get in the way when mowing the lawn or tending to the garden.

Tree Felling

A tree may be required to be felled to ground level and removed due to disease or future development on the land. This procedure is carried out with a sectional dismantle of the tree into a safe area underneath, using lowering rope techniques by the tree climber and groundsmen.

All the debris can be disposed of and removed from site, or if you prefer left in logs for wood fuel use or wood chip for garden mulch and ground cover in wild areas.

Hedge Work

We undertake a lot of annual hedge work jobs for my regular customer base in Norfolk and Suffolk. Sometimes we are felling trees in the morning then triming the Conifer hedge in the afternoon. As well as the annual trim in the summer months we also do large reductions on tall hedges so they are easily maintainable for yourself in the future years.

Stump Grinding

As well as felling the tree we also take care of the stump. I run a machine that requires reasonably narrow access usually found in most gardens which will grind out your remaining stump to below ground level. This ensures there is no chance of the tree regenerating any new growth in the future and making that future planting / turfing project possible.

We usuallly leave the wood mulch waste for your use in and around the garden as it makes excellent compost or garden mulch as many past customers will verify.

Firewood Processing Service

I run a diesel powered wood splitter which many customers find useful as if you decide to keep the wood you can have it split into logs at the same time. Previous customers frequently tell us that the money they save by not buying in firewood helps pay for the initial tree felling.

If you have a wood burner or an open fire and you regularly buy in seasoned hardwood logs this firewood splitting service we offer can save you a small fortune.

By using your own wood, conveniently split by myself and my team and often from the tree we have just felled at your property, this can be a green and cost effective alternative. All you need is some space at your property for the wood to season and the time which is usually 12 months depending on conditions.

Take a look at my portfolio page to see some examples of my work.