Tree surgeon Norfolk

I am a tree surgeon in my early thirties and have been in the trade since my teenage years

I started my career as a groundsman and after qualifying as a tree surgeon secured full-time employment with a local company where I learnt my trade. After gaining experience and confidence I went to work in Australia before returning home to set up my own business in 2009.

Having lived in Norfolk all my life I've had the benefit of building up a good reputation locally by word of mouth. Yet, as many tradesman in todays current financial climate, I'm eager to work hard at increasing my customer base to stand me in good stead for the future.

I have gained over 15 years experience of working as a tree surgeon in Norfolk and Suffolk and in 2009 I was fortunate enough to work in Melbourne in Australia.

These examples of projects that I have undertaken show just part of the tree surgery services that I offer. I also have timelapse videos of my work showing a large Beech tree dismantle and a Conifer hedge annual trim.

Large limb reduction on 100ft + mature Cedar tree

The customer required the same lengths to be removed from his 100ft + Cedar tree over his home.

Myself and my team pruned three large extended limbs that were overhanging his roof. They were lowered with a rope pulley system to avoid any possible damage.

Limb removal on a mature Cedar tree


Limb removal on a large Oak tree

A customer asked for a large limb of a mature Oak to be removed which extended further than the rest of the crown of the tree.

In this instance the limb was over several out-buildings and had to be reduced back in handheld sections to limit risk.

Limb removal on a large Oak tree


Conifer tree fell close to telephone wires

This Conifer was felled in close proximity to a telegraph pole with several telephone wires running through the tree.

The tree was dismantled branch by branch, then the trunk was felled when it was reduced to the height of the telegraph pole.

Conifer tree fell close to telephone wires


Melbourne, Australia in 2009

I was fortunate enough to work for a tree surgery firm in Melbourne in 2009. This was around the time of widespread fatal bushfires within the Victoria state of Australia.

During this time I spent months felling unsafe fire damaged Eucalyptus trees within residential areas and public highways. This involved removing dead wood and dangerous branches.

These photos show me felling large trees after the bush fires in Kinglake and the view from a Eucalyptus tree which was situated over a tennis court and road in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Melbourne, Australia in 2009


Hedge Work

We undertake a lot of annual hedge work jobs for my regular customer base in Norfolk and Suffolk. Sometimes we are felling trees in the morning then triming the Conifer hedge in the afternoon.

As well as the annual trim in the summer months we also do large reductions on tall hedges so they are easily maintainable for yourself in the future years.

Hedge work in Norfolk and Suffolk


Tree Pollarding

This is an example of some Lime tress which are pollarded annually in Norwich city centre.

Pollarding is an convenient way of managing established trees.

Tree pollarding in Norfolk and Suffolk


Crown Reduction

Reduction upon the whole crown of a large tree is necessary when a tree has outgrown its environment. We generally end up with a better shape of tree, which also benefits in high winds and extreme weather conditions as the lengths of all branches are shortened the tree is more stable and less prone to branch failure.

This is an example of a large oak which caused the customer concern as it was close to their property and starting to grow over their roof. The tree was pruned from 65ft tall to 50ft and the canopy of the tree was deadwooded and thinned at the same time to ensure its longevity.

Crown reduction in Norfolk and Suffolk


Firewood Processing Service

I run a diesel powered wood splitter which many customers find useful as if you decide to keep the wood you can have it split into logs at the same time.
Previous customers frequently tell us that the money they save by not buying in firewood helps pay for the initial tree felling.

If you have a wood burner or an open fire and you regulary buy in seasoned hardwood logs this firewood splitting service we offer can save you a small fortune. By using your own wood, conveniently split by myself and my team and often from the tree we have just felled at your property, this can be a green and cost effective alternative.

All you need is some space at your property for the wood to season and the time which is usually 12 months depending on conditions.

Crown reduction in Norfolk and Suffolk


If you have any questions or would like to enquire about other tree surgery services please contact me or take a look at the FAQ page.